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The first kings


3rd Episode We are all relegated in solitude of the confinement due to the Covid 19, but not exactly in the same manner, as discomfort strongly depends on the size of the apartment in which we are locked up. Nevertheless, it is morally trying for everyone! A reason to go back to my site “Abraham and Anne-Marie” and resume my quest for truth about the foundations of anti-Semitism...



Episode 2 I spoke in my book – Musique Russe – of the indifference which reigned around the violence inflicted on the Jews during the years which preceded the WWII «We did not say anything, we did nothing…» Today no more reaction to defend our fellow citizens of the Jewish faith against the anti-Semitic acts which are perpetuated with a disturbing upsurge. Just a few examples among...

From the origin of Judaism to the first anti-Semitism


Episode 1 2000 years before Christ, Abraham and his family lived in Mesopotamia. His father Thera, an idolatrous polytheist, devoutly manufactures quantities of statuettes representing the pagan gods. One day, Abraham, driven by heavenly energy, gets carried away and take the risk of destroying the idols exhibited in the paternal shop. So! He hears a voice coming from above, that of the Lord...