My thoughts


Inhabitants of a Judeo-Christian Europe that should be respectful of its past rooted in the history of Jerusalem. I, Anne-Marie Mitterrand, would like to be the living witnesses. Neither practitioner, nor insensitive to all religions, but faithful to my cultural origins, I am a citizen in search of truth.

How can it be explained that the people of Israel, more than any other, has for centuries given rise to so much questioning that leads to no certainty? Ignorance destroys the thought: let’s stop listening to each other’s assertions and go back to the beginning. What has happened so that Antisemitism lasts over the centuries without being able to come up with an explanation? Why does it assert itself, then temper itself, to regain strength after a few decades of silence, and how to stop its progress? What is the legitimacy of Israel?

I, Anne-Marie, Roman Catholic by my father, Protestant by my mother and Jewish by my first husband and our children, I want to understand what happened so that the Jews are always responsible for the miseries of the world.
Since my childhood, I have been raised to the confluence of several religions that have made me who I am today: receptive, open-minded and tolerant. Thus educated I will try and decipher the origins of Antisemitism and its current relays.

Certainly it’s been a long time since two thousand years before Christ, but if you have the curiosity to tag along in my quest for truth once a month, and share with me your feeling, together we will enrich our knowledge and as Gadadhar Chattopadhyaya says, “knowledge leads to unity”. It would still be nice to be finally “united”!