3rd episode: The first kings


We are all relegated in solitude of the confinement due to the Covid 19, but not exactly in the same manner, as discomfort strongly depends on the size of the apartment in which we are locked up. Nevertheless, it is morally trying for everyone! A reason to go back to my site “Abraham and Anne-Marie” and resume my quest for truth about the foundations of anti-Semitism, which returned in force during the epidemic of Coronavirus.

A month ago, before confinement, I was certain that this time, as fatal as it was, there was no risk of looking for a culprit in a natural disaster. Horrible mistake! Nothing has changed ! Irreversible, The Jew remains solely responsible for the curses that heaven sends onto the world.

Between late March and early April, hundreds of anti-Semitic tweets published, ,youtube videos viewed and liked by thousands, widely relayed, all before the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) lodged a complaint with the Paris public prosecutor, who ordered its removal. A senseful decision, but not enough to forgive what has been said and written.

Each of us must be aware of the hatred that was unleashed in horrible terms on social networks, especially on Facebook when Alain Mondino relayed a racist video called “Corona virus for Goy” which defends the anti-Semitic « theory and conspiracy » that the Coronavirus was developed by the Jews in order to establish their supremacy. ”  Here we go again ! The unworthy stereotype that “the Jew is rich” is firmly entrenched in people’s minds.

 The Covid 19 pandemic ? Well It is « …the fault of wealthy and affluent international Jewry, the Jews who promote globalized capitalism want to take advantage of the situation ! ». Just as the black plague had fueled hatred and fury against the Jews from 1347 to 1352, today, in 2020, the epidemic of Covid-19 provides an opportunity to criminalize them once again.

We all have to fight against the ignoble resurgence of anti-Semitism which has been expressed lately with scary violence: Horrible insults… The same old ‘jokes’ about the nose, based on caricature from the 1930s with the logo of the French Republic! … Publications worthy of Nazi newspapers, what right are there family names mentioned without the authorization of the wearer ?! Widespread conspiracy theories with not other purpose that of harming people themselves victims of the epidemic, must be demolished. We must refuse this surge of words, gestures, old disgusting clichés and good words that want to be funny like: Marshal help us! …Ah Ah! Pitiful!

I, Anne-Marie Mitterrand, who have so often denounced the silent indifference of Europeans in 1940,  in my turn cannot resign myself without saying anything. At my humble level I mean NO. The comments that I have noted in social networks, are unfortunately not smoky inventions, shame on those who wrote them, also shame on the large number of people who approved them.

Certainly everyone has better things to do than to tackle the problem of anti-Semitism, “anyway insoluble” often added to have a clear conscience. The hatred of the Jew spans the ages, erupts and expresses itself wickedly each time a calamity falls onto the world, the responsibility lies with the Jews. We must no longer admit this fatality.

 – France, country of denial – Refuse this assertion. Who is silent consents. Let us no longer be consenters. Let’s not let the gentlemen Soral… Dieudonné… Mondino… and other extreme ‘gauchards’ direct our thinking, No matter what religion we believe in to, we must remain human beings, brothers in humanity. But have we ever been? Unfortunately, not always!

I need to say no more now, because as I’m writting, my anger rises. « Say nothing … Say nothing » … I am told again. But yes, you have to say and shout and howl louder than the bastards! We, non-Jews of all countries, must not be silent … Stop with the politically correct… Jesus was Jewish … Catholics revere him, they can wake up to defend his people. We will not have the excuse of not knowing since we do know what happened during WWII. It is our duty to prevent anti-Semitism from growing and spreading. A state of affairs that goes back long ago.


3rd episode: The first kings

The cursed race was already accused of all evils over 3,500 years ago, long before the time when Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land, the land of Canaan to which he will be forever prohibited. In his immense goodness God offered Moses a breathtaking view of the Promised Land, from the summit of Mount Nebo, in Jordan, with a panorama of the country of Canaan and, to the north, the wide landscape over the Jordan Valley. On this mountain, the baby who was once saved from the waters of the Nile ended his days peacefully. Moses has white hair, Moses has done his job, Moses awaits death. And he will wait a long time to join God at the canonical age of 120, well packed, around 1270 BC. No, it cannot be our dear Moses who has aroused the horrible anti-Semitism that has raged forever under any pretext.

It was during this period that the region experienced many conflicts between the houses of Israel and Judea, against the different kingdoms and tribes around them: Moab and Edom, present-day Jordan, Amon and Aram-Damascus, which became Syria , and the Arab, Philistine and Aramaic tribes who fight over the area occupied by the Jews! Endless wars without winners or defeated. Is it since that time that the people of Israel have been accused of wanting to conquer this part of the Mediterranean basin? Could this be the basis of anti-Zionism?

These hostilities were led in a disorganized and ineffective manner by the biblical judges who continue to govern the tribes of Israel, from the conquest of Canaan by Joshua until the formation of the first kingdom of Israel and Judea.

God is starting to get tired of these permanent fights and plans to put a king in place to resolve this situation. Who better than Samuel, the recognized kingmaker, and prophet as a living, to find the ideal candidate. One night, on three occasions, a voice wakes him up in his half-sleep. It’s the Lord who gets impatient, rather upset. Samuel, puzzled, wonders how to answer: “Speak, Lord, for your servant hears”. The good Lord informs him then that the wickedness of the sons of Eli led to the condemnation of their dynasty to destruction. Samuel was to play a key role in the transition from tribal government to the establishment of a kingdom under Saul, the first king of Israel around -1020 BC, and later in the handover to David.

Samuel himself getting old and his sons not having the favor of the people to succeed him, God advises him to accede to the demands of the people of Israel: “We want a real king! ” Samuel then warns the Hebrews of the risks that come with a new king in power, but these, faced with the threat of the Philistines, need a leader to ensure the fighting.

3rd episode: The first kings
The Philistines readying their weapons before the battle against king Saul at mount Mikmar

This is how Saul came to power, endorsed by God. And already He gives him his first mission: to kill with no exception all the Philistines who oppressed the people of Israel. Expelled by the Egyptians, they settled on the southwestern coastal strip of the land of Canaan, in a region bordering the Mediterranean from present-day Gaza Strip to Jaffa.

But the All Mighty is not happy, for, despite the instructions he has received, Saul dares to spare a man: the king of the Philistines. He is fired at once for notorious disobedience! Samuel is responsible for delivering his letter of dismissal. Saul out, David will be his successor. Youngest of 8 siblings, he is just a shepherd when he takes down the giant Philistine Goliath with a slingshot to his head. A fighter despite his young age! God, finally satisfied, sends Samuel to give him the royal anointing.

3rd episode: The first kings
David holding the head of Goliath
illustrated by Le Caravage (1606-1607)

David, crowned king of the Judeans in -1002 BC. JC, implements a matrimonial policy, maintains diplomatic relations and tries to rally the generals of the armies of Israel. He brings together for the first time the houses of Judea and Israel.

3rd episode: The first kings
Map of the region of Israel in -830 BC. JC

The Philistines, worried about the power of David, attack him near Jerusalem, at the junction of Judah and Israel. David pushes them back twice and conquers the city of Jebus, which will become Jerusalem,  and later his capital. He fortifies the city, after having transferred the Ark of the Covenant there, imposes it as a religious site. He then submits Moab to a tribute, a very important tax, and engages in a merciless war against the kingdom of Ammon, seizes a huge booty and proclaims himself king. He establishes a prefecture in Damascus, and conquers the kingdom of Edom, which he devastates. Conquests consecrate the supremacy of Israel. During the reign of David, all these wars between all these nations never not ceased, quite the contrary, and this conquering king stirred the anger of the Arab peoples of the region.

Quite a man this David, unrepentant warrior and womanizer, who, under false pretenses, gets rid of a man to steal his wife, Bathsheba, who will give him a son: Solomon.

3rd episode: The first kings
The servant of David coming to find Bathsheba, Jean Masys 1562

At his death, David was at the head of a vast kingdom in full economic expansion. The royal finances fed by the spoils taken from the enemy and by the products of the goods of the crown, which seem quite considerable and very well managed. He died at the age of 70, on Shabbos Day, the first day of Shavu’ot. According to the Bible, he is buried “with his ancestors” in the City of David. His son Solomon will take advantage of his father’s immense fortune to realize his dream of building a temple dedicated to God in Jerusalem.

So could these incessant wars, waged by a resolutely warlike king, who never bothers with delicate diplomacy,  have generated this anti-Semitism anti-Judaism that we live today, 3000 years later?

End of the 3rd episode

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